Monday, February 6, 2012

College Visits

Your high school career is coming to an end and college is just around the corner.  Do you know which college is the right college for you?  Now is the time to schedule college visits so you know you will be attending the college that is the best choice for you.  Most high schools will excuse your absence or you can make visits during spring break.

Make the most of your trip!
Start with the admissions office.  Find out if the college offers the major you are interested in.  Meet with a faculty member from that department to insure that department will help you achieve your educational goals.  You may even be able to sit in on a class.
Tour the campus to get a feel for the atmosphere.  Pay attention to the bulletin boards to see what activities are scheduled on campus.  Ask for information about clubs and organizations that are active on campus.  Talk with the current students.  They can share their experiences and most are willing to give you advice and share their honest opinions about the school.  Figure out if this is a place you want to spend the next few years of your life!
Deciding which college to attend is a very important decision.  Now is the time to start gathering as much information as you can so you make the right choice!  Let the tnAchieves’ staff know if you need any help scheduling a college visit.

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